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Sunday, December 2, 2007



In response to VENDING MACHINE

Anonymous said...

Um...what? Why can't a religion have a vending machine? A Christian vending machine could have crosses, crucifixes, Jesus bobble-heads, etc. A Muslim vending machine could have little Mohammad figures -- oops, no -- pictures of Mohammad -- oops, scratch that -- crescent lapel pins, head scarves, Korans -- oops, I mean Qurans -- suitably wrapped in bubble wrap to preserve their dignity when they drop to the bottom of the machine, some Teddy bears that come with blank name tags, etc....

In response to BELONGING

Anonymous said...

I don't think you need to look like everyone, but often times certain cultural and tradiational values aren't accepted by others here as it would in other countries and perhaps that alienates people to only be around people like them. I personally don't feel like I'm accepted here as readily as perhaps a pale skinned protestant.

Anonymous said... kinda do. Just like the hippies in the '70s had to decide whether to cut their hair or continue to be pointed out as being different; just like the punks with pink spiked hair and safety pins through their cheeks weren't accepted by everyone.