Thursday, June 28, 2007

Add your own thoughts and comments to the cartoons.


Anonymous said...

Mashallah - These are good and funny! Would you be interested in submitting poster size of your cartoons for our Art show? I am the program manager of Muslimfest - an Islamic Arts and Entertainment Festival in the Toronto (Canada) area - see If you would like to submit you will need to do it soon - deadline is July 7th. Here is a link to the submissin form.

Keep up the great work!

Wa Salaam,
Afaun Mandol
Program Manager
Muslimfest 2007

Anonymous said...

very humorous slant on valid issues! I really like the way you're subtle with these cartoons, it provides a lot of perspective!

Saima said...

I like the ones where you're addressing serious issues faced by Muslims, but I must say the facebook one is my favorite!
Oh yeah and the Arab true and so ignorant!